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I love expanding a client’s vision to enable them to answer  “what if” scenarios , thus giving them the ability to holistically plan on protecting their family and hard earned money. I take pride in implementing financial solutions to fund estate, plan legacy, wealth building using tax strategies, retirement planning and kids education planning.

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Retirement planning

When it comes to retirement planning, nothing is more important than securing your financial future. With our help, you can plan for a comfortable retirement – tax-free!

Financial Consultation

Are you looking for help planning your finances? Do you need someone to protect your family in case of an unexpected death? Our financial consultation service can help. We offer free consultations to evaluate your needs and find the best solution for you.

College planning

Have you considered all your alternatives when it comes to planning for your child’s college education? A 7702 cash value life insurance is an option that has great benefits if designed well for some, while a combination of a term insurance with a 529 plan works for others. 

Index Universal Life

Index Universal life insurance is the perfect solution for those looking for life insurance that builds cash value while they have coverage. With Index Universal life, you’re protected from potential market downturns, and you can access your cash value whenever you need it.


Annuities are one of the most effective ways to build a guaranteed income stream. With annuities, you can enjoy tax-deferred growth and a variety of payout options that can help you meet your retirement goals.

Business Opportunity

True financial freedom can only come when your assets can pay for your lifestyle. Think of the possibilities that you can open up if the business you own can be one such asset.

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